Bethesda's approach to treatment is to provide primary care healthcare professionals that will approach each patient encounter with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's needs. The primary care professional will be sensitive to undiagnosed health issues of the patient and be able to diagnos, treat or refer as needed. 

Bethesda can treat the patient in the clinic or in the hospital.  Either way the patient will have the Bethesda physician supervising their care.


Stephen E. Collier, M.D.

Brad Creekmore, FNP-BC

EMG (Electromyography - nerve muscle interaction)

Remy A. Valdivia, M.D.


Bobby Rouse, Ph.D.

Bethesda has assembled a variety of specialist in the Behtesda clinic.  This integrated care model is designed to serve your needs better.

Bethesda has identified a broad network of specialist to meet most any health condition.     

We want to be your PRIMARY healthcare contact and provider.


Bethesda Health Services, LLC