We diagnos and treat depression.

Bethesda also provides threatment for Bipolar or severe mood swings, anxiety disorders including panic attacks, and a variety of addictive disorders.

Bethesda can screen you for these disorder to determine if you effected by any of the above and provide treatment right here in the Bethesda Clinic.

Ask your primary healthcare professional to refer you within the clinic for an in-house mental health specialist.

More than 18,000,000 million adults experience a depressive illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts.  

Depression disrupts eating, sleeping, valuation of self-worth, energy, and thinking.  Some depressed patients report that they hurt all over, even their brain.  Some cancer patients report that the depression hurts more than the cancer.  It is a crippling, life changing, and sometimes life threatening disease.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, depression is very treatable.  Talk to your healthcare professional about your feelings.  

Bethesda has professionals in the clinic that can help.  

When changes occur in thinking, mood, behavior, or how we relate to our friends and loved ones, we call that mental health issues.  If these conditons become more severe, then we refer to the condition as mental illness.

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